The Path of Joy Foundation

The Path of Joy Foundation is a non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization engaged in spreading the divine feminine teachings of Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati, Parvati, Kwan Yin, Tara, and other ascended Goddesses associated with different spiritual pantheons. The mission of Path of Joy is to usher in the divine feminine into the position of leadership with the birth of a new matriarchal world—which simply means a world in which the Mother's Heart leads and governs all social institutions, businesses, and governments. All humans can embody a mother's heart.

At the present time the Path of Joy organization is sponsoring the creation of i) the global Devi Circles and ii) the City of Joy, a spiritual residential community being planned on the outskirts of Jaipur, India, using the divine feminine principles in the book, "A Thousand Seeds of Joy: Teachings of Lakshmi and Saraswati," by Ananda Karunesh. The Path of Joy organization is co-founded by Ananda Karunesh and his mother Shanta Devi Ma.

Shanta Devi Ma

Trustee of The Path of Joy

Shanta Devi Ma is a silent world healer. Like many grandmother crones, she is very deeply connected to spiritual realms. She sends powerful healing energies to all living beings on Earth in her daily prayers, meditations and rituals.

Ananda Devi Maa

Prayer and Meditation Series with Ascended Goddesses

A mystic and a yogini. She was born in Germany and became interested in self -realization and spirituality from early childhood. She would go into the states of deep Samadhi (emptiness-bliss) for hours even as a young child.

Asha Gupta

Wisdom and Empowerment Series with Goddess Saraswati

Asha Gupta felt the unmistakable presence of divinity around her from early childhood. She grew up listening to the stories of Gargi and Maitreyi, and aspired to be like them.

Chandra Easton

Tantra and Enlightenment Series with Goddess Tārā

Her teachings are infused with a playful humor that trips us into new edges and ways of healing through contemplation, mantra, chanting, laughter, and insight.

Chloë Urban

Compassion and Healing Series with Goddess Kwan Yin

Chloë has been immersed in healing spaces her entire life. Raised by a Mother who is a shamanic practitioner, rituals, ceremonies, and healing were an ongoing part of the environment she grew up in.

Deepthi Nadella

Transformation with Joy Series with Goddess Lakshmi

Deepthi Nadella is an ambassador of Divine Love and Compassion. She recommends a daily routine of empowered living which includes Anapanasati meditation, divine music, dance, service, and mastering of the mind.

Gabrielli Lachiara

Compassion and Healing Series with Goddess Kwan Yin

Gabrielle Lachiara brings great joy and possibility to Earth as a facilitator of healing and as an embodied spiritual channel for the great Buddhist Goddess of compassion, Kwan Yin.

Lara Moїra Dana

Honoring the Body Temple Series with Mary Magdalene

You are the gateway to the goddess. Remember. And follow your heart.

Reenie Mansata

Love and Freedom Series with Goddess Parvati

Reenie is an intuitive and gifted communicator which allows her to offer valuable spiritual guidance to those who seek her out.

Saroja Gullapalli

Wisdom and Empowerment Series with Goddess Saraswati

A woman can play multiple roles of being a caring daughter, a loving wife, a devoted mother, a successful corporate professional, a contented spiritual practitioner and a peaceful soul.

Shalini Bahl

Return to Mindfulness Series with Goddess Saraswati

Shalini is energized and inspired by the opportunity to empower women in India and around the world to find their voice and lead with wisdom and creative joy in their families, communities, and organizations.

Shampa Mukherjee

Honoring the Body Temple Series with Mary Magdalene

We are all creators! Our minds create the same patterns of suffering! Only meditation recreates our lives-rebirthing us into joy and abundance!

Ananda Karunesh

Founder of The Path of Joy

Ananda Karunesh envisions the co-creation of a new matriarchal Earth with a divine partnership between human beings, Mother Earth, and many ascended Goddesses, Gods, and Buddhas.