Devi Teacher

Camila Nassar

Camila Nassar is a Devi Circle teacher of the process, “Devi Heart: Miracle of Love with Mother Mary” at the Path of Joy.

Camila Nassar grew up having deep spiritual dreams and clairvoyance experiences in her early years which made her realize that the physical world was not the only possible reality in existence.

 Camila grew up in Colombia and was very devoted to Mother Mary. She always felt deeply connected to and surrounded by Mother Mary's love and presence.

She became a psychologist even though she had already graduated as a civil engineer. She realized that Mother Mary wanted her path to be of service to people, either by teaching or doing psychotherapy sessions and thereby helping people heal their hearts and emotions.

After Camila achieved the most prominent moment of her career at La Sabana University in Colombia, Camila’s family was transferred to Switzerland. A very intense inner calling plus many inner visions inspired Camila to meditate. She was guided and taught by her divine inner guides, including Goddess Lakshmi and Ma Durga. Camila was also guided to train as a yoga teacher, reiki master and a Shakti yoga meditation teacher. 

Over the last few years Camila has been channeling messages from Mother Mary about the process of purification which can help people remember their true nature. Camila has incorporated some of her protocols in her work as a psychologist with a very positive impact. During the pandemic, she was directed by Mother Mary to write about the mysteries of the rosary, to record it, and to spread it, starting with the women of her family. Now many people are praying with the rosary through Spotify. Camila offers ‘Unfold the brightness of your heart’ workshops in which, with the guidance of Mother Mary, she teaches participants how to remove the impurities in their hearts through mind, body, and devotional work and to discover their true essence and full potential.