Devi Teacher

Sharoo Sahni

Sharoo Sahni is a Devi Circle teacher of the process, “Devi Heart: Miracle of Love with Mother Mary” at the Path of Joy.

Be You… this authenticity will keep you aligned with energy of the goddess within.

Sharoo is a meditator, an angel emissary, past life regressionist, karma board reader, oracle reader, and a soul whisperer. Last but not the least, she is a new-born author of the book, “The Awakening: My Spiritual Autobiography.”

Born and raised in New Delhi in a traditional middle class Kashmiri family, she developed a deep connection with the Shiva Shakti consciousness from her early childhood, and could talk to the deceased ones and the angelic beings for as long as she can remember.

Sharoo holds an Honors degree from the Jesus and Mary College, with a diploma in human resources, advertising, and marketing. She worked in diverse areas gaining significant experience in customer relations, human resources, executive management, and others, before deciding to embark on her long spiritual journey that required patience, perseverance, and persistence.

The many surreal and mystical experiences with the Angelic beings and light beings, the eye-opening conversations with the wisest of the spirits, the pure-heart connections with the animals, and the frequent rendezvous with Mother Mary, Lord Jesus, Shiva Shakti consciousness and Krishna consciousness have opened many portals for her, and led her to the divine work she is doing today.

Sharoo has incorporated her learnings into her "wisdom” and “clarity” sessions, which have transformed the lives of many of her clients. She believes that the words channeled by the Angelic beings are bringing forth immense changes in the frequencies of planet Earth. She holds regular sessions in India and different western countries under the umbrella of PSSM—the spiritual movement founded by her guru Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji.

Her sojourn with Mother Mary has made her deeply aware of her own spiritual mission, which is to provide profound gifts of healing to others. Walking steadfastly on this path with Mother Mary, Jesus, and the different Archangels, Sharoo has healed many people on different online platforms as well as through her in-person sessions.