Devi Teacher

Lynne Nicole Smith

Lynne Nicole is a Devi Circle Teacher of the "Devi Movement" process which harnesses movement, meditation, and community to empower individuals on their path of self-discovery, healing, and transformation.

"Lynne Nicole Smith: Guiding holistic wellness through Qigong mastery. With over two decades of experience, unlock the transformative power within. Explore balance, vitality, and peace in the comfort of your own journey."

Experience the transformative power of both ancient mind-body practices with Lynne Nicole, who has dedicated 22 years to teaching Qigong and Yoga. Her profound commitment to this work and life path  lies in supporting individuals on their healing journey through these ancient mind/body practices and sharing their profound benefits.

Over the last two decades, Lynne has witnessed countless testimonials attesting to the powerful benefits of Qigong, particularly in its ability to bring about genuine physical, emotional and often spiritual transformation. The practice is accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.  Lynne has devoted her life to introducing as many individuals as possible to what one student aptly described as “the magic and science of Qigong.”

As a senior trainer with the Institute of Integral Qigong and T’ai Chi, Lynne extends her expertise globally, offering Qigong Infused Yoga™ and Qigong trainings to students worldwide. Her creation of the Qigong Infused Yoga™ DVD and streamable video ensures that the practice is available anytime, anywhere.

Lynne is deeply committed to supporting women on their healing journey, having personally experienced profound healing through Qigong. She wholeheartedly trusts in its ability to catalyze both physiological and spiritual transformation in students and practitioners.  

For those who have experienced trauma, both practices have effective methods to release blocked energy and trauma related symptoms stored in the body.   As we connect with our “healer within” in the practice, we are empowered to release what no longer serves us, bring compassion and tenderness to all parts of who we are and cultivate more peace and health in our lives.

The healing potential of Qigong is vast, encompassing relief from chronic pain, calming of the nervous system, increased vitality,  assistance with PTSD, and alleviation of M.S. symptoms, among countless other benefits. Lynne cherishes Qigong's capacity to foster a profound connection with the earth and the universe,  awakening our awareness to the life energy that permeates nature.

The movements of Qigong, mirroring the rhythms of nature, facilitate a deep connection with our essential selves, grounding us in peace and compassion for both ourselves and the world. Lynne eagerly anticipates sharing this practice with you, inviting you to experience how the union of movement and stillness, and the connection with life energy, leads to profound wholeness, peace, and health.