Honoring the Body Temple Series

Learn how to honor your body temple with the teachings and channelings of Mary Magdalene, the priestess-wife of Jesus, and "the apostle of the apostles" (as proclaimed by Pope Francis in 2016). This workshop addresses issues such as body form and sexual shame, and explores how to honor the sacred Womb during moon cycles and child-birth. By embodying the womb wisdom of Mary Magdalene, you can awaken to a nurturing, sensual, and spiritual relationship with your body.

“What is hidden from you I will proclaim to you.

~ Mary Magdalene

Honoring the Body Temple Benefits

  • Face the shadow of shame about your own body, and develop a healthy, sacred and sensual relationship with it
  • Access deeper dimensions of sacred sexuality and feminine power
  • Discover the true identity of Mary Magdalene—the wife of Jesus, and a sacred priestess of the ancient Womb Mysteries
  • Learn about the tantric relationship of love between Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ
  • Learn about the sacred creative powers of the Womb in women and the Hara center in men
  • Learn about the lineage of Womb Shamans, Priestesses, Oracles, and Medicine Women
  • Learn the rituals and practices to initiate you into the Womb magic of the ancient priestesses

Honoring the Body Temple

Long before the advent of patriarchy, humans were aware of their divine natures through a Goddess-based spirituality that existed in different cultures and pantheons all over the Earth. This awareness was gradually lost with the rise of patriarchy through religion and war. 

Rediscover this feminine spirituality that heals us with the nurturance and sensuality of the womb at all levels: the Mother’s Womb, the Earth Womb, and the Cosmic Womb. Both our body-based DNA and soul-based DNA carry the sacred memories of the eternal life-giving Womb, suppression of which has divided the human population into “dominating men and submissive women,” and the human body into “the upper spiritual half and the lower sexual half.” These splits have created a hardened-wounded masculine and a subjugated-wounded feminine in virtually all human societies based upon gender, and in the human psyche based upon the feminine-masculine polarity. 

Honoring the Body Temple workshop heals these splits by journeying into the Holy Grail to find the lost teachings of Mary Magdalene, the shaman-priestess-wife of Jesus Christ. Joining the sacred with the sensual, and the heart center with the womb center, these teachings free us at all levels—physical, mental, and spiritual—from the patriarchal chains of suffering.