Devi Teacher

Amakizia Lilasjah

Amakizia Lilasjah is a Devi Circle teacher of the process "Devi Miracle: The Wings of your Soul with Goddess Isis” at the Path of Joy. She is a messenger of the Divine Feminine and holds the sacred codes of the golden new earth. 

Amakizia Lilasjah is a conduit of Love and Light, bringing the divine feminine frequencies into this world through her deep love for the celestial Mother Isis and Mother Earth.

Growing up as a teen she forgot about her spiritual gifts but started to remember her divine soul path and her spirit essence in her early twenties. Her spiritual practices as a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Training Leader led her to the magic of the Divine Feminine and the Holy Mother. Along this magnificent journey of healing and ascension, she studied a variety of spiritual practices and processes, including New Earth Medicine, Sacred Light Language, Dance, Yoga, Nutrition, Sound Alchemy, Astral Healing, Feminine Arts, and more. Through these practices she met her darkest shadows and shed layers upon layers of identities to uncover her pure Star Being. She found a pure and clear connection to her Higher Self and discovered the Celestial Sisterhood of Light. 

For more than two years, Amakizia journeyed through Egypt opening up to the deep mysteries of this sacred land. In 2021, after a long journey through the holy temples, she underwent a deep transformation. Suddenly one day after meditating in a temple her heart opened and merged with the heart of Goddess Isis. Her life changed radically after this awakening, and soon she was initiated by Goddess Isis into the sacred order of divine priestess-hood. 

Walking with Isis, the Goddess of love, miracles, and transformation, is for those who are ready to fully spread their wings and activate all areas of their life. Isis invites you to find your voice, remember your sacred dance, and use your gifts to spread love on planet Earth. She is here for all of us, holding us, guiding us, always wrapping us inside her wings. She reminds us that when we remember our wings, we rise into our true purpose.