The Wings of your Soul Series

Use your body and voice to activate the Isis Codes inside you. Isis is an ancient goddess of love and miracles, and also the lineage holder for many western matriarchal spiritual paths. She is one of the main patron Goddesses of the ancient Egyptian temples and the sacred great pyramids. Meditating in these temples and pyramids opens the channel to many enlightened realms.

"Remember your song, surrender to your dance, and reclaim your gifts."

~ Goddess Isis

The Wings of your Soul Benefits

  • Activate your voice and the Light language of your soul
  • Remember the sacred dance that is most natural for your body
  • Discover how to manifest spontaneous miracles in your life
  • Reconnect with your wings and the ability to fly through life with ease and grace
  • Heal by trusting your inner guidance and vision
  • Activate your creative powers and reclaim your unique gifts
  • Transform yourself by allowing soul feelings to infuse your life

The Wings of your Soul

As the great divine mother, Goddess Isis teaches you how to grow the wings of your soul in this three-day workshop. As you activate her codes, she will avail herself to you in your meditations and dreams. With her activations, you will learn how to reclaim your spiritual powers and your unique gifts to manifest the miracles of your life. As you start trusting your gifts by engaging with your sacred voice and body movement, you can truly manifest your heart’s desires. 

As you surrender to the channelings and messages of Isis, you will awaken to your life’s true purpose. You will remember the ancient dance of your body and eternal song of your soul. You will regenerate joy, love, and wisdom in your life by activating Isis Codes within you.