Devi Teacher

Virna Sanabria

Virna Sanabria is a Devi Circle teacher of the process, “Devi Yoga: Stillness and Peace with Goddess Gaia,” at the Path of Joy.

In life as in class, Virna take cues from "Pachamama" or Mother Earth. Using the geometry of the body, she teaches one to create a connection with Mother Earth where strength, structure and stability are easily accessible.

Her philosophy is based upon the "root to rise" methodology which creates a solid foundation for one’s body. Creative sequencing of yoga poses to deepen one’s connection to the Earth joined with breath-work to connect with Goddess energies are at the heart of every class she offers. Once these aspects are integrated into practice, it allows one to access the “flow” of energies through the First and Second Chakras. This not only creates joy and flexibility in one’s body, but also grounds the body to serve as a safe container for advanced spiritual work associated with the higher chakras.

Virna, aka Pachamamayogi, is an advanced trained teacher holding a 200-hour certification in Vinyasa Flow Yoga and a 100-hour Traditional Hatha Yoga (Bikram style) certification.   Both certifications obtained at Yoga To The People, a NYC-based Yoga Alliance approved teaching studio. She also holds certifications in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and in Hot Vinyasa Yoga from OHYA (Original Hot Yoga Association).  An avid student, she has completed many trainings including over 80 hours in the Katonah Yoga-based theory; courses in the meditation disciplines offered by the Guru Amma and Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering program; and Kid’s Yoga teacher training.

For over a decade, Yoga practice has been a mainstay through all her life’s ebbs and flows, often serving as a healing therapy during these challenging transitions. She is truly grateful to be able to teach Yoga in a holistic manner by invoking the grounding, harmonizing, and uplifting energies of Mother Earth and the ascended Goddesses from different spiritual pantheons.

Professionally, Virna has served as a cosmetic editor, a marketing director, and the founder of an event planning business.