Love and Freedom Series

The workshops in this series explore the teachings of Goddess Parvati about love, freedom, boundaries, and surrender in human relationships and teaches a structured breath process channeled through her. This breath process aligns our body posture, opens our chakras, and allows our intellectual/egoic mind to dissolve so that we can glimpse the true nature of our self and awaken to harmony and oneness in our relationships at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

As a part of your higher self that desires to experientially know all aspects of its own creation, you have come in millions of ways surrendering in love and devotion to your higher self through each and every aspect of this living universe.

~ Goddess Parvati

Love and Freedom Benefits

  • Learn to communicate clearly and honestly in a relationship
  • Discover the balance of love and freedom in a relationship
  • Discover the meaning of trust and surrender in a relationship
  • Learn about the fifth chakra and the art of always speaking from the heart
  • Learn a new breath process called "Devi Kriya" channeled by Goddess Parvati
  • Find out the many benefits of Devi Kriya related to relationships, work, and health
  • Discover why living without a partner for some time can be a great spiritual path if you are single, and if you must separate in a relationship, then how to do it with love and forgiveness

Love and Freedom

How can we experience the soul feelings of joy, love, freedom, and honesty in a relationship? How can we drop our egoic mind and create a relationship of heart and soul? What is the true meaning of surrender? How can we create and dissolve boundaries skillfully, so that we give and receive love without dominating another or losing ourselves in a relationship? What role does our breath have in creating a strong foundation for an emotionally healthy and healing relationship? This workshop will explore these questions with the teachings of Goddess Parvati and teach "Devi kriya," a breath process channeled by her. The Devi Kriya process aligns our body posture, opens our chakras, and allows our conceptual/intellectual/egoic mind to dissolve so that we can glimpse the true nature of our self. Regular practice of Devi Kriya can generate inner joy, cause significant improvements in our health, and lead to emotionally balanced relationships. Goddess Parvati experimented with different breath processes in her physical incarnation. As a young girl she was foretold about her soul path with Lord Shiva through lucid dreams and psychic visions. After she could not get the attention of Lord Shiva, she chose to go to the top of a mountain where she engaged in intense yogic and breath practices for many years with a small group of women. Upon her full enlightenment in the seventh year, she sent waves of bliss in her meditations to Lord Shiva, who then responded to her energy with much surrender and love. The playful relationship between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is the subject of many ancient scriptures. The first half of this workshop will focus on the teachings of Goddess Parvati combined with experiential exercises and group sharing. The second half of this workshop will teach the Devi Kriya. The final part of this workshop will relate the teachings of Goddess Parvati to the transformative experience of Devi Kriya and reveal how your relationship with yourself and your loved ones can be transformed using your breath.