Devi Teacher

Sunita Devi Maa

Sunita Devi Ma is a Devi Circle teacher of the process “Devi Kriya: Transformation with Breath with Goddess Parvati” at Path of Joy. 

“Sunita Devi Ma is the Founder of Authentic Light Center and also the Co-President of Devi Circle, India.

Born to Rashika and Shivaji Narayan Atnure, a devoted couple who fulfilled the long-standing wish of Shivaji's parents Mathura and Narayanrao Atnure for a daughter in their family line, Sunita Devi Ma was only the second female born in seven generations on her father's side. Her father, a farmer, had a deep love for books and managed the local government library in Belsakarga, Maharashtra, instilling an early passion for knowledge and wisdom in Sunita ji. Her parents' prayers to Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali for a child were answered with Sunita ji's birth on November 21, 1982, twelve years after their marriage, making her the oldest of five siblings. During her twenties and thirties, Sunita Devi Ma undertook many intensive spiritual practices (tapasyas) through rituals such as Homa, chanting of the Gayatri Mantra, Japa, Puja, and fasting, sometimes for full days and weeks at a time. In her journey towards self-realization, Sunita Devi Ma had a clear vision of her higher self as Goddess Parvati around the time she turned forty. 

In November 2021, Sunita Devi Ma underwent a transformative experience after learning Devi Kriya, a structured breathing technique channeled by Sri Ananda Karunesh through Goddess Parvati.She credits this practice for helping her attain full freedom from her fears and traumas. Following this spiritual awakening, her Third Eye became significantly more active, allowing her direct visions of divine beings and insights into the multidimensional nature of spiritual realms.

Sunita Devi Ma quickly developed a profound connection with Lord Shiva in his manifestation as Mahavatar Babaji, as depicted in “The Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. On July 10, 2023, under the direct guidance of Mahavatar Babaji, she initiated a daily practice of Devi Kriya, supplemented by over two hours of channeling sessions with him and Mataji, who embodies Goddess Parvati. These early morning sessions at 3am, led by Sunita Devi Ma, are profoundly healing and transformative, attracting many regular participants from all over the world.

The 3am sessions with Sunita Devi Ma are accessible to all, yet to truly benefit from these sessions, a significant spiritual surrender is required. Each morning, Sunita ji is shown a multidimensional soul screen filled with divine energies of portals such as Circle, Sri Yantra, Shiva Lingam, Lotus Flower, Pyramid, Merkaba, Star, and Black Hole, among others. Much spiritual healing energies are channeled through Mahavatar Babaji and Parvati Mataji by activating these portals in and around the Chakras of the participants. At times, thousands of enlightened Masters join from heavenly realms to support the participants, guided by the energies of Babaji, Mataji, Kwan Yin Ma, Lakshmi Ma, Saraswati Ma, Jesus, Buddha, and other divine beings. Heavens and Earth, higher chakras and lower chakras, and spirituality and sensuality, all come into oneness in these uniquely mystical gatherings. 

Sunita Devi Ma leads trainings of Devi Kriya teachers and runs transformative residential healing workshops in Poona, India.