Devi Teacher

Devi Mohan

Devi Mohan is a multifaceted spiritual guide, seamlessly integrating her roles as a wife, mother, humanitarian, teacher of Traditional Yoga and instrument of healing. Her journey, which began amidst the turmoil of war-torn Yugoslavia, has evolved into a path of profound transformation and service, deeply influencing her roles as Global Ambassador of the Mohanji Foundation and President of the globally active charity ACT Foundation, founded by her greatest inspiration and life partner- Mohanji.

An inspirational speaker and leader of Women Circles, Devi co-founded the World Womanhood Project. Her transformative group processes like Conscious Dancing, Awakening Yoga Nidra, and The Light Beyond have illuminated many lives globally. 

As a senior practitioner of Mai-Tri Method, a profound methodology of deep cleansing, balancing, and alignment, Devi facilitates self-healing while honoring the energy law of non-interference into one's destiny aspect of karma.
Devi's approach to spirituality is holistic, emphasizing the balance of Yin and Yang, and advocating for dharmic living aligned with one's highest truth. This happens only when heart enlivens the throat chakra, inviting a true, authentic expression.

 Her autobiography,"Home for a Refugee," reflects her vibrant, heartful spirit and commitment to transforming pain into purpose.
Born in former Yugoslavia, Devi's early life as a refugee shaped her understanding of material detachment and spiritual seeking. Her near-death experience and international education, including a Master’s Degree in Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame, further fueled her quest.
Devi's life changed significantly in 2007 after meeting Mohanji, her spiritual guide. 

Their partnership, marked by mutual support and dedication to service, has been a source of inspiration and growth. In 2010, they married, combining their paths to serve humanity. Their daughter Mila, born two years later, joined them on this journey of experiential spirituality.
Devi emphasizes the importance of loving acceptance, authentic expression and surrender, advising the integration of the shadow aspect of the self, tapping into one’s deepest pain in order to rise above it.
Devi Mohan’s life is a testament to her belief in the power of resilience, love, and service. She invites everyone to join her in the journey of transformation, shifting from karma to dharma, embodying the philosophy of her beloved Mohanji - "live liberated and leave (this world) liberated".