Devi Teacher

Lilliebrook Perry

Lilliebrook Perry is an associate Devi Circle teacher of the process "Devi Healing: Compassion and Healing with Goddess Kwan Yin" at the Path of Joy.

Lilliebrook is an intuitive healer, dedicated to bringing the world greater clarity, awareness, and creating conscious communities.

She is inspired by kindness and compassion and is dedicating her life to creating a loving and sustainable Earth. Lilliebrook found Gabrielli Lachiara, the founder of the Infinity Healing Practice at the tender age of ten. She spent a few months at that time studying with Gabrielli before returning and completing traditional schooling. She reconnected with Gabrielli at the age of fifteen, in her second year of high school. She joined the youth training programs offered by Gabrielli and fell in love with the art of healing. She embarked on a spiritual healing path later that year and has been training in various programs of Infinity Healing Practice since then. Her journey has led her to become a powerful empath, intuitive healer, energy medicine practitioner, as well as a certified Reiki practitioner.

Lilliebrook is deeply connected to nature and is inspired to bring great healing to humanity by discovering pathways for receiving the magic and medicine of Mother Earth. She is also dedicated to social justice work and believes in the power of combining justice and healing.

Lilliebrook holds a private practice based out of Portland Maine, on the indigenous land of Wabanaki people, and works with clients from around the world.