Devi Circle
Full Moon

Devi Meditation

Prayer and Meditation

Ascended Goddesses


May 3 -5, 2023

11.30 am to 1.30 pm

India (IST)

May 3 -5, 2023

9 pm to 11 pm

Europe (CEST)

May 3 -5, 2023

5.30 pm to 7.30 pm

Devi Teacher(s)

Ananda Devi Maa



Prayer and Meditation with Ascended Goddesses is a process for connecting with the Divine through prayer, energy flow, breath, and a spiritual eye-gazing process called the Aksha Tapas process. The Aksha Tapas process is a part of the Bhakti and the Shakti Yoga. While it is easy to do, it is a very powerful process for connecting with the divine in the form of your Ishta Devi or Devata. It helps immensely in developing your clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, and the awareness of your inner senses. Thereby, it facilitates deepening of your connection with the higher dimensions and divine beings. Not only is this process helpful in your self-transformation, it also makes you a clear channel of divine energy, divine wisdom and divine love!

In this 3 days workshop, we shall join hands with many over the globe and learn :-

  • Connecting with your inner divine power or Shakti
  • Dissolving negative imprints and emotions like fear, anger and sadness
  • Experiencing inner peace, healing, harmony, increased self-awareness, and clarity of mind
  • Enjoying a positive mind with happiness and emotional stability
  • Developing your inner faculties - like clairvoyance (divine seeing), clairsentience (divine feeling) and clairaudience (divine hearing, channelling)
  • Contacting your spirit guides for divine guidance
  • Deepening your connection with the divine in its many forms and aspects
  • Manifesting the life you want-and other surprises!

The Devi Meditation workshop teaches: i) devotional prayers using chants, ii) the Aksha Tapas process (an eye-gazing process) using the divine paintings of Goddesses iii) guided meditations, mantras for health, prosperity and happy love and marriage and other techniques helpful in our daily life and spiritual evolution. The participants will experience a deep immersion into the bliss of the Higher Self using these processes regularly, and also the enlivening of their higher intuitive faculties.

The registration for the Devi Meditation is now closed.

The Mother’s Heart

As we transition back to a matriarchal era on Earth, we will witness a global movement that empowers the feminine so that humans can become whole again. The rise of the empowered feminine will make all humans—male, female, or transgender— come together in true equality with each other, rooted in love.


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