Welcome to the inaugural Devi Circle Empowerment Retreat, sponsored by The Path of Joy and hosted in the serene embrace of Cosmic Valley International, Khamam, India. We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to all women who are about to embark on a transformative six-day journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and profound connection.

Under the skilled guidance of Devi Teacher Sunita Desai, participants will explore the boundless potential of womanhood through the nurturing environment of Devi Circles. These circles are sacred spaces designed to foster true soul friendships, emotional healing, and spiritual enlightenment, all within the supportive embrace of fellow women. As you engage in these circles, you will experience the joy of creating and sustaining these communities, learning how to run them effectively when you return home. Meeting every full moon and new moon, these circles of 5 to 15 women will become beacons of love, support, and empowerment in your lives.

A cornerstone of our retreat is the learning and practice of Devi Kriya, a powerful breath work process channeled from Goddess Parvati by Ananda Karunesh in 2019. This transformative technique will be taught in person by Sunita Desai, offering you a unique opportunity to delve into the nuances of this spiritual practice. Furthermore, Sunita ji, following the guidance received from Mahaavataar Baba ji, will lead the early morning sessions at 3 AM, allowing participants to experience the profound energy and connection of Devi Kriya and Baba ji channeling sessions.

This retreat is not just an escape but a journey towards rising above emotions that often hinder our growth, such as jealousy, possessiveness, and competition. Here, in the divine surroundings of Cosmic Valley, a place blessed with celestial energies and known as a portal for intergalactic beings, you will find the perfect setting to bond with each other in love and joy.

We promise you an experience like no other, where you will discover the strength in unity, the power of inner peace, and the joy of sisterhood. Let us come together in this beautiful setting to honor our divine femininity, forge lasting bonds, and embark on a path of joy and empowerment.

Venue : Cosmic Valley International Foundation
Pindiprolu (Village), Thirumalayapalem (Mandal), Khammam (Dist), Telangana, (INDIA) PIN CODE – 507183

Goggle Map Location :

Date : 21th March 2024 to 26th March 2024
Check In : Afternoon / Evening 20th March 2024
Check Out : 27th March 2024 Morning
(The last date of registration 14th March 2024)
Time : Daily 3.00 am (IST)

Course Fees INR - 11,111/- Rupees in Words : Eleven Thousand One Hundred Eleven
(Including food and accommodation)

for more information and details kindly contact :-

Mr. Krishna Rao : +91 9963 461 661
Mrs. Punam Tiwari : +91 9372 145 469
Mr. Suraj Shinge : +91 7400 286 236

(Note : Please bring your Valid Identity proof along with you. (Adhaar Card, Pan Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Passport etc.)

The Mother’s Heart

As we transition back to a matriarchal era on Earth, we will witness a global movement that empowers the feminine so that humans can become whole again. The rise of the empowered feminine will make all humans—male, female, or transgender— come together in true equality with each other, rooted in love.


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