International Women's Day

Devi Nidra

Awaken the Goddess in You

Europe (CET)

Mar 08 - 10, 2024.

04:00 pm to 06:00 pm

India (IST)

Mar 08 - 10, 2024

08:30 pm to 10:30 pm


Mar 08 - 10, 2024

10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Devi Teacher(s)

Devi Mohan




Reserved for “Awaken the Goddess in You“ Yoga Nidra, a profound practice rooted in the ancient art of Yoga Nidra (conscious yogic sleep). This beautiful method focuses on relaxation, inner cleansing, balance, and empowerment, all within the receptive alpha state of mind.

Through this special Yoga Nidra, Devi will guide all participants into a deeper connection with the sacred womb space and empowerment to face any challenge of life - by strengthening the connection with the womb, as well as the inner witness (sakshi bhaav), the key to our innate ability to rise above pain in any challenging moment of life.

What sets all Yoga Nidras led by Devi Mohan apart (including Awaken the Goddess in You) is the immeasurable aspect of Grace that she invokes through the sacred connection with the Guru Tattwa (the Guru Principle within). In Devi’s case, she connects with the purest energy of the Source through the consciousness of her highest spiritual guide Mohanji, while the participants are free to invoke and connect with any spiritual Master or aspect of Divine closest to their heart. This stable connection also ensures protection during the process.

In the alpha state of mind, this deep, sacred connection comes to life in very profound ways, leading to allignment with soul's highest purpose and liberation from all bindings of life. Towards the end of the session, the participants are left with the feeling of inner fullness and direct inner experience of the Light - a radiant, vibrating light beyond all illusions.

Every Yoga Nidra is unique and channelled by Devi at that very moment, as per the most prominent requirements felt within the group energy of the participants. During the cleansing part of the process, what comes up from the unconscious mind is exactly what one is ready to face, integrate, and absorb at that moment. The immense love and gratitude that comes after the cleansing is the key to the inner healing journey.

It is essential to understand that Yoga Nidra is not a hypnotic state. While lying in Shavasana (also known as the "corpse pose") and following the guidance, participants always remain partially aware while focusing on the profound and vivid inner journey that unfolds before their inner senses. The process is intense yet entirely safe.

Day 1 (8 March 2024)

Reserved solely for introduction of Devi Mohan as the new member of the global Devi Circle and her own journey of stepping into her feminine power and authenticity. Introduction is aimed at creating a sense of bonding, a beautiful group energy of trust and surrender, very much so needed for a deep process that follows on Day 2. 

Intimacy with Divine, after all, is the greatest intimacy one can experience - in order to be guided into the depths of such intimate space, one needs to trust the guide. 

It will also include a breathing technique and short meditation.

Day 2 (9 March)

Immerse yourself in profound relaxation, inner cleansing, and empowerment within the receptive alpha state. Devi's unique approach deepens the connection with the sacred womb space, empowering participants to overcome life's challenges. This Yoga Nidra, including 'Awaken the Goddess in You,' stands out for the immeasurable Grace invoked through a sacred Guru Tattwa connection. 

Devi channels each session uniquely, addressing the group's needs and leading to alignment with the soul's highest purpose. As participants traverse the cleansing process, they encounter what they're ready to face, fostering love and gratitude for a transformative healing journey. This intense yet entirely safe exploration, not a hypnotic state, unfolds as participants remain partially aware in Shavasana, guided by Devi into a vivid inner journey. Elevate your spiritual experience, embracing empowerment, inner healing, and profound gratitude in this sacred workshop."

Day 3 (10 March)

Talk about Shiva-Shakti balance, vertical breathing and a short meditation.

Experience sharing and a short Q&A session with the participants.

Who is it for:

“Awaken the Goddess in You“ Yoga Nidra is suitable for every woman, regardless of age. No special preparation is required, just an open mind.

What one requires in physical terms is a yoga mat or a blanket to lie on, a folded towel or thin blanket to be placed under the head (no proper pillow), and a blanket to cover the body to stay warm (similar to regular sleep).

Let’s learn together in this workshop :

Empowerment: “Awaken the Goddess in You“ Yoga Nidra strengthens the connection with the inner witness, enabling you to overcome any sense of victimhood and face life’s challenges with resilience.

Inner Healing: Address the old wounds and experience self-acceptance, ability to set healthy boundaries and achieve greater self-confidence as a woman. Speed up the process of cleansing and self-healing at all levels through this practice, at the individual and collective level, including ancestral karma.

Brain Balance: Enjoy the added benefit of balancing the left and right sides of the brain.

Spiritual Liberation: Feel an intensified inner thirst for spiritual liberation, and even touch the state of "no-mind," emerging from the session with a profound sense of inner fulness, richness and overflowing gratitude.

The registration for the Devi Nidra is now closed.

The Mother’s Heart

As we transition back to a matriarchal era on Earth, we will witness a global movement that empowers the feminine so that humans can become whole again. The rise of the empowered feminine will make all humans—male, female, or transgender— come together in true equality with each other, rooted in love.


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